Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hampshire Maps - 1529, 1626, 1892

Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire (where Anna Lea Merritt lived from 1890 until 1930) is about 5 miles north of Andover. Below is an old map of 'Hant Shire' (detail above) and another of 'Southamptoniae' (I love the images:). If you aren't familiar with Hampshire ... start at the bottom of the map - you'll see part of the Isle of Wight. Follow the Port of Southampton northward - up through the valleys of the Anton and Test Rivers and you'll find Andover. (There is also an 1892 map of Hampshire from George Phillp and Son.)
Hant Shire. 1626 John Bill from An Abridgment of Camden's Britannia

Southamptoniae. 1599 Pieter Van der Keere

Hampshire. 1892 George Phillp and Son
The River Test - BBC article

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