Wednesday, November 4, 2009

George Henry (Scottish, 1858-1943)

Mrs Elizabeth Holt

"A central figure in The Glasgow Boys, Irvine-born [George] Henry began his association with the group in 1881 when he joined James Guthrie and Joseph Crawhall at Brig O' Turk. From 1885, a close artistic collaboration with E. A. Hornel gave a new impetus to his work which became increasingly decorative in its approach. The culmination of this development emerged in his 1889 masterpiece, Galloway Landscape, noted for its clear, vibrant colour and composition. With Hornel, he toured Japan in the early 1890s and his subsequent work was strongly influenced by these trips. In 1901, Henry moved to London and established a successful business as a society portraitist." from Visit Scotand

Some works influenced by his visits to Japan:

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