Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Abbott Fuller Graves (American, 1859-1936)

"Abbott Graves (1859-1936), born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, studied at MIT before going to Paris to work under Cormon, Laurens, and Gervais. He taught in Boston before opening his own art school there in 1891, but moved his school to Kennebunkport [Maine]. He frequently traveled from his New England homes to Paris, and from 1902-1905, worked as an illustrator for French magazines. Graves exhibited at the NAD (1892), PAFA (1895, 1913-4), Paris Salon (1899), Boston AC (1895-1909), and the Expo des Beaux Arts, Paris (1905). Best known for his floral still lifes, he also produced impressionistic landscapes and detailed genre paintings depicting scenes from rural life." - Cowan's Auctions, Inc

1. Near Kennebunkport
2. Poppies (detail)

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