Tuesday, November 24, 2009

George Frederic Watts, O.M., R.A. (1817-1904)

Sir Galahad
Catalogue notes

"This is a version of a well-known composition by Watts. Dating originally from the early 1860s or even the late 1850s, the concept shows him in a quasi-Pre-Raphaelite mode which reflects his association with Rossetti and Burne-Jones at Little Holland House, where he was Mrs Prinsep's genius-in-residence and they frequented her salon. There is also a general relationship with the poem 'Sir Galahad' by Tennyson, who was one of Mrs Prinsep's principal 'lions' and tremendously admired by Watts, who painted his portrait many times. The sitter for the head of Sir Galahad was Arthur Prinsep, Sara and Thoby Prinsep's youngest son, and Mary Watts, the artist's widow, observed that the way he uses the horse symbolically, to reinforce the sense of worship, reflects his love of horses and riding." - catalogue notes

Una and the Red Cross Knight


A Polar Bears Tale


  1. Oh, Cathy I just needed these handsome knight paintings!! So amazing! And thanks for linking to me as well... :O)

  2. Happy you enjoyed them. :)
    You shared so many lovely works by Watts ... thank you!