Sunday, November 1, 2009

Charles Whymper

A covey of partridge in the bracken at sunset

"Charles Whymper was a member of the Royal Institute and exhibited at the Royal Academy and the New Watercolour Society. He illustrated books on travel, sport and natural history. Whymper knew the artist Joseph Wolf very well and worked under him in his studio for a number of years. His influence can be clearly seen in this painting." - from Christie's Lot Notes


Whymper was an early resident of Primrose Hill Studios in London. From the Camden website information: "First tenants included the painters John Dawson Watson (No. 1), Joseph Wolf (No. 2), John William Waterhouse RA (N0. 3) [later No. 6], John Charles Dollman (No. 5), P.M. Feeney (No. 7), Charles Whymper (No.8) and Lawrence George Calkin (No. 10). Arthur Rackham lived at No. 3 in 1905-6 ..."

John William Waterhouse, Joseph Wolf and Charles Whymper can be seen in a photograph from Julia Kerr's website devoted to Waterhouse. The photo is third down on this page. Waterhouse is shown with other friends and artists at Primrose Hill Studios in the second photo.


  1. This painting is so beeing on the moor on an autumn day, I can almost smell it, and feel the sun... :O)