Thursday, November 19, 2009

Theo van Hoytema (Dutch, 1863-1917)

Peacocks and ducks on a riverbank

43,5 x 60 cm
signed and dated 94
watercolour and ink on paper, framed

One of four lithographs in black and white on chine collé, signed on stone, together with a lithographed title in original blindstamped qu. cloth boards
portfolio. (1905)

Simon Moulijn (1866-1948)
Theo van Hoytema at work

signed and dedicated aan Tine v Hoytema Moulijn
black chalk on blue paper

22.5 x 19 cm
Some wonderful prints from William P. Carl Fine Prints (you'll need to enter the artist name at this search page)


  1. hi -- what a wonderful blog you have!

    that top one is my favorite of his, i think. if you haven't already seen it, i thought you might like this.

  2. Thank you so much, lotusgreen!
    I have enjoyed your beautiful blog for quite some time now.
    I love the peacocks and ducks, also.
    Thank you for the link ... just wonderful!
    Best wishes. :)