Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kate Elizabeth Bunce

Melody (Musica)

A video from Marisa - 'marisayutub'

Works and biography at ArtMagick

The Keepsake

'The Keepsake' "is based on a poem by Rossetti
and was first shown with this quotation:

'Then stepped a damsel to her side,
And spoke and needs must weep:
'For his sake, lady, if he died,
He prayed of thee to keep
This staff and scrip'."

Melody (Musica) and The Keepsake are both part of the
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery collection:


  1. Love her work so much and thanks for posting the YouTube link.

    One of my next costume projects is the ivory "be-dragoned" gown in Keepsake. Hope I can pull it off:)

  2. Hi Medieval Muse :) ... I am sorry I have been away so long ... thank you so much for visiting and leaving your comment. So glad you enjoyed seeing Kate's beautiful work.
    I would love to see your project ... and am sure it will be just as lovely and special as all that you do. All the best ...

  3. Beautiful stuff here, she was actually quite a good female Pre-Raphaelite artist I think. Thanks for posting!