Sunday, April 18, 2010

Emma Sandys (1843-1877)

A video from Marisa - 'marisayutub'

"Emma Sandys was the sister of Frederick Sandys, and like him produced bust length portraits of women in an intense and detailed Pre-Raphaelite style. Little is known of her life, despite extensive recent research. Like her brother she was born in Norwich and lived there until 1874 when she moved to London. She exhibited in Norwich and at the Royal Academy, where she showed three female portraits, an 'Enid' and an 'Undine' between 1868 and 1874. It is difficult to reconstruct her oeuvre as her paintings are technically very similar to those of her brother and until recently have been confused with his." - Hilary Morgan

The Garland, 1870

Viola, 1870

Anthony Frederick Sandys @ ArtMagick