Sunday, January 24, 2010

Edward Burne-Jones - William Morris & Co. ~ Beautiful stained glass

Morning Star

Evening Star


Details of three of the five Morris & Co. panels
featured in the March 2008 Sotheby's sale,
The Jimmy Page Collection.

"... the windows [were] made for [Angus] Holden at Woodlands in 1879. ... Nine panels were originally designed by Burne-Jones for Woodlands: `Venus', `Evening Star',` Saturn', `Jupiter', `Luna', `Earth',` Sol', `Morning Star' and `Mars'."
-Catalogue Notes-


(click on image for larger picture)
Two panels, (Sol and Mars)
were part of the Gabreal Franklin Collection in 2009.
(I'm not sure if they currently are still there.)
The others were with Jimmy Page until 2008.
The panels Earth and Saturn were unlocated in 2009.
(Photo courtesy the Franklin Collection)

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