Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford - Anthony Frederick Sandys and Pio Fedi

I love this photograph taken by Martin Beek at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. In the background you can see the painting Gentle Spring (1865) by Anthony Frederick Sandys. The marble sculpture, Pia de'Tolomei e Nello della Pietra or Il sospetto (The suspicion) is the work of Pio Fedi, 1816-1892.
(Be sure to click on the image or the first link above to better see the delicate work of the gown.)

From the catalogue notes for another version of the sculpture: "This delicate group has an intricate, patterned surface which recalls Pio Fedi's early training as a goldsmith and engraver. The subject is taken from a verse in Dante's Purgatorio mourning the fate of 'La Pia'. ..."


Anthony Frederick Sandys, 1829-1904
Gentle Spring, 1865

"The landscape is painted with a Pre-Raphaelite truthfulness, but the figure is inspired by Greek or Roman statuary." - Jon Whiteley via ArtMagick

Wonderful details 1 and 2 above courtesy Martin Beek.

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